Captains In Trains To Ensure Safe Journeys

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The Central Railway has introduced captains on trains in an attempt by the Central Government to address the complaints of passengers on board.

Currently, the captains are, available only for three trains doing long journey. The authorities are planning to appoint captains for all mail, express and superfast trains later.

The initiative is taken by the central government to provide immediate assistance to the problems faced by the passengers while travelling. An announcement system will be started soon, which will notify the passengers about the name and contact number of the captain present during the journey. Passengers can contact him anytime for any assistance.

Pune365 speaks to railway passengers  and an official find out to their views on the move.

Aarti Shukla, Banker says, “By appointing a train captain, the government has eased the troubles while travelling. They have become more accessible, as we know that safety of women passengers has always been a matter of concern. This move has come as a major relief for single ladies like us.”

“It is often difficult to bring a few things to the notice of the authorities. But with the train captains on board while travelling it will be reassuring for passengers,” says Karan Khanna, Businessman.

“The process of registering a complaint isn’t easy with the central government. Every time you can’t tweet and tag Indian railways to draw attention. Train captains should be appointed for all trains including locals.

“The announcement system is very essentials, as most of the time, passengers often use to get confused with the reservation coaches, and it was difficult to locate them at such a short interval,” Khanna adds.

A frequent traveller, Jaydeep Arora, says, “It is indeed a welcome move and we finally have someone on the board who can solve the problem before we complete the journey.”

Rohit Tiwari, also a regular traveller, says, “There are many helpline numbers and official twitter handles from the railway authorities where passengers can lodge their complaints. But when we actually try to register a complaint they’re either out of range, they don’t take the complaint into consideration, or they just give us futile assurances which never materialise.

Trian Captains
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“Appointing a train captain is going to be the answer to many questions faced by passengers while travelling. Yet, the question still remains about their effective work and implementation of these captains in all trains,” he adds.

However,  a Railway Official, said “The train captains’ plan aims at providing assurances on amenities and ensure safe journey to the passengers.  As of now, the train captains have been introduced on 11077 Pune Jammu Tavi Jhelum Express, 12129 Pune Howrah Azad Hind Express and 16508 Bangalore Jodhpur Express.”

“The Central Railway has decided to appoint train captains on all mail, express and superfast trains at the earliest.  When the train captain is assigned their name and number would be announced through the platform announcement system,” he said.


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