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Bunjee Jumping
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Have you ever dared to fall free from dizzying heights with just a harness to hold you up against gravity?  Well, If this gets your heart pumping and all ready try this spine-chilling experience, then we have it all sorted.

Although there are not many spots in and around Pune to allow you a free fall from the cliff, we have managed to identify a list of Bungee jumping destinations that can give you an almost similar adrenaline rush.

Bungee Jumping Facts:

Bungee Jump: In this type of jump a person jumps off from a platform or any tall object.

Catapult: Here, the person is pushed upwards via the stretch and release method.

Trampoline: The jumper starts jumping on the trampoline while being harnessed on pole the side poles. The cords get tightened, allowing a higher jump.

Bungee Running: It involves running along a track with a bungee cord attached that pulls them back.

SCAD Diving: In this variation there is no cord. The person jumps from a height and free falls into a net.

Kolad: Known among travelers as a hotspot for white water rafting and other water sports, Kolad also offers Bungee jumping. A trip here with family and friends will give you both adventure and fond memories. With several resorts, water falls, forts, dams and other outdoor activities, it  boasts of a calm and peaceful camping destination.

Distance from Pune:  113 KM approx.

Kamshet: A popular spot for adventure sports, Kamshet is known for its cold, windy and yet, pleasant climate. Located in the Western Ghats, the place is dotted with heritage temples, lakes and open spaces, perfect for interesting sports like paragliding and bungee jumping.


Kamshet and Hadapsar Airfield are also among the few training centres for adventure aero-sports tourism in Maharashtra.

Distance from Pune: 48 KM approx.

Lonavala: As much as this scary sport attracts the young crowd in Pune, there are only a few places that offer a free fall from the hilltop or a platform while being attached to a special harness.

Fulfilling this need, an adventure sport club in Lonavala allows to you free fall from 150 ft above the ground and it endears apparently for about 10 mins. One can also try the scoop swing, another type of bungee jumping that will allow you to free fall for 10 feet before swooping towards the ground and swinging back up the other side.

Distance from Pune: 65 KM approx.

Panchgani: A place that attracts tourist almost throughout the year, Panchgani is situated in the middle of five hills in the Sahyadri mountain ranges. Also visited for its widely spread strawberry farms, the famous ‘table land’ has been spotted in many Bollywood Movies, like ‘Taare Zameen Par’ and ‘Agent Vinod’.

This hill station also organises Strawberry Festivals every year in summer. Some of the other scenic spots to visit here are Sydney Point, Table Land, Pabba ‘Gaddar’ Point aka Parsi Point, Devil’s Kitchen and the Pandavgad Caves.

Distance from Pune: 101 KM approx.




#All details and distances are purely for reader information. Readers are advised to check safety measures and finer details at the suggested locations. 


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