Body Shaming Taking A Severe Toll On Mental Wellness

Body Shaming
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The perennial glares and judgemental stares that people receive are bad enough for our society. And now, to add to this, the recent body shaming incidents across the country have all added further fuel to the fire…

The impact of public shaming is severe, both on the physical and mental well being of several individuals, opine our panel psychiatrists. Pune is unfortunately, no different when it comes to this malaise of body shaming.

Today, we at Pune365 speak to citizens of our city who have all had bitter experiences with this cruel side of the city and have now learnt to cope up with this and move on their success trajectory. 

Reeha Chakraborty, a receptionist quotes that being on the heavier side has affected her growing years.

I have always been over-weight due to diabetes and then thanks to PCOD. The tough times where, when I was at school, being bullied by others for not being able to run, or be a part of the sports-day celebrations.

“Sometimes just for the sake of being fat and dark complexioned. It restricted me to dress-up a certain way and be at home, I avoided going to social gatherings and became a couch potato instead. But now I think the mentality is changing, though still a long way to go.

Yet, these things now don’t affect me. An obese woman is doing well in a profession where looks used to matter, but no more,” gleams Reeha.

Sharing an anecdote from his experience, Bhushan, a Chartered accountant says that he was always aware of those glares and stares but that never affected him much.

“A couple of years back, I was nearly a hundred kilos. My dis-interest in exercise and love for huge portions of food eventually led to my obesity. I was aware of those judgemental stares but choose to ignore them. Yet, however much, I try not to give a thought to it, the fact that people judged me on my looks, upset me.

How much ever we believe, that times have changed it really hasn’t!  But I am glad that now there are exclusive stores selling clothes for plus size people, it helps,” Bushan exclaims.

“I definitely feel that education and awareness has changed things for people on the heavier side,” opines Padmaja Premani, a video editor.

They isolate themselves, quit socialising, get depressed and try every possible way to look good, even if it means starving to death or going under the knife.

“But influential people talking about being comfortable in their own skin, has definitely given people food for thought.

Even beauty pageants for oversized people, healthier models on the ramp and clothing and merchandise for plus sized people has made a difference,” she adds.



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