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Burger Restaurants in Pune


What better way to start a day than tucking into a hearty burger that promises to make your cholesterol level soar! Just picture the crisp buns cradling the pickled jalapenos and onion rings atop the sumptuous patty of a deliciously fried bird.

If you aren’t salivating yet, read on and you shall, right before giving up and racing off to one of these luscious burger joints.

Burger Singh

Home to several Indianized burgers, Burger Singh lives up to its name with the Jatt Putt and Nikku Singh burgers. Their menu is full of fun names like the Chotu Singh or Udta Punjab, but the Murg Amritsari chicken burger really steals the show. Binge on their Dilli 6 Fries as you sip on a Banta and you’re one happy customer.

Where: Viman Nagar
Cost for two: Averages at Rs. 500



Wanowrie residents no longer have to drag themselves to Koregaon park when they crave a mean burger. This Food truck is more than capable in dishing out the meatiest patties with some crisp buns. Try their deconstructed burger for a change and indulge your taste buds with their whopping Burger Cake.

Where: Wanowrie
Cost for two: Averages at Rs. 350


The Burger Barn Cafe

Order the WTF Burgers if you have been dreaming of a burger binge fest. The massive size of this behemoth shall wow you. But be prepared to dig in and get your hands dirty, for this tower burgers fit for three hungry souls! If you admit to a tamer appetite, savour their Mega Barn Burger or the Barn X-Treme burger.

However, those who adore a spice fest should swear by the fiery barn burger or even the fillet variant. Apart from their famous burgers, they do whip up delicious shakes.

Where: Koregaon Park
Cost for two: Averages at Rs. 500



Famous for their Ghee roast burger, this Burger truck is based in Aundh. While the veggie burgers here could use some work, the chicken burgers hit the spot with the perfect blend of sauces and a crisp patty. Try their Crunchy Brunchy if you love fries, for it substitutes the patty for golden, crisp French fries and oodles of cheese.

Where: Aundh
Cost for two: Averages at Rs. 500


Hot Momo’s And Burger

While this place is primarily frequented for Maggie and momos; their burgers make a delectable mouthful. Their Veg Rosti Cheese Burger is a show stopper, but the special chicken burger can make any foodie salivate. The generous dose of sauces and layer of creamy cheese just elevates even the simplest burgers on their menu. With several outlets about town, this is a student favourite.

Where: Senapati Bapat Road
Cost for two: Averages at Rs. 250

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