Black World Now Brings Escape Rooms to Pune

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The thrill of plundering pirates, a dungeon-like prison and the hunt for an escape hatch…

Picture this and you instantly visualize the concept of an Escape Room, which is the latest attraction for thrill-seekers in Pune.

A popular concept abroad, it was hitherto relatively unexplored in town. Ravikant Bhattad, Founder of Black World, Hinjewadi is introducing Puneites to this exciting adventure escapade at Black World.

He talks about the concept passionately, “A physical exploit, players are essentially locked in a room where they must use the elements of the room to plot their escape. They are guided by a series of puzzles that they must solve to escape their snare and it all must happen within a set time limit.”

Bhattad first brought the concept of dining in darkness to Pune at his sensory themed restaurant. Guests could dine in complete darkness for 60 mins served by a talented team of visually impaired guides.

“When invisible dinners at Black World became a huge hit, we launched singing and dancing in the dark too,” he says.

No Escape is the latest addition to the Black World experience. Bhattad shares that they’ve actually included two themed game rooms. “One is the ‘Pirates Plunder’ and the second is themed ‘Prison Break’. It’s actually perfect as a group activity, where a couple of people can attempt to crack the escape.

“We guarantee that there will be a lot of thrill, and high excitement moments that make people go- ‘Oh why didn’t I think of that'”, grins Bhattad. “At No Escape, it’s up to you and your group to think-solve-breakout before your time runs out. Our live escape room traps you inside a themed chamber. The mission is to breakout by using your mind, keen observation and of course teamwork, making this one of the classic team building activities.

“We designed this activity to be fun and fulfilling, as well as a challenging way to spend time with your friends or colleagues,” he completes. With a capacity for a maximum of 24 players playing at a time, Black World has certainly created an interesting adventure, and could have players wanting to make their own escape room game at home to relive the fun afterward!

Aditi Balsaver

Aditi Balsaver

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Aditi Balsaver