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Bhimashankar is located in the Bhorigiri village, in the Sahyadri range at an altitude of 3,250 feet.

Bhimashakar is a temple town that houses one of the twelve, ancient ‘Jyotirlingam’ shrines of Lord Shiva in India. The temple is centuries old and is surrounded by scenic beauty with hills are covered with lush green. This is also classified a wildlife sanctuary with its dense greenery called Khed.

Getting There

Bhimashankar is located 125kms away from Pune. Travel by road is the simplest way to reach Bhimashankar. Bus transport is available from Shivaji Nagar bus stand. The first bus departs at 5:30 am. Alternatively, you could drive using the Pune Nasik Highway NH50 via Manchar. The road is comfortable and the view enroute is truly breathtaking.

Misal Pav

A heaven for spice lovers, the local cuisine here is dominated by Maharashtrian food, though you can get south and north Indian food as well. Misal is very famous here and worth trying at Bhimashankar. A spicy thin gravy with sprouts. potatoes and onions, topped with crunchy sev served with Pav bread.

Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife Santacury BhimashankarThis sanctuary is a paradise of wildlife lovers, It was originally built to protect the natural habitat of the giant squirrel.

The Bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary has now become one of the major attractions for sanctuary lovers.

This densely covered forest is said to be a treasure trove of medicinal herbs spread over 120 sq km. This is also part of the western ghats -Sahyadri range. Apart from the Giant Squirrel, the place is home for several species of animals and birds.

Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary is rich in flora and fauna making it one of the biodiversity hotspots of the world. The wildlife sanctuary is also a heaven for trek lover. One can enjoy some great trekking through well-marked safe routes within the lush green forest. Everyone is permitted, but with the prior permission of authorities and accompanied by certified guides.

If walking isn’t your cup of tea, you can always opt for the safari rides and get a sense of the beauty of nature and see wilderness in its true form.

Bhimashankar Temple

Bhimashankar Temple
Image: Tour my India

Folklore suggests that the name of the temple originated from the river Bhima, which evaporated due to the war between Lord Shiva and demon Tripurasura. 

Nana Padnis from the Peshwa Kingdom built this beautiful temple. It is designed with Naga style architecture and is a perfect example of the skill and creativity of the ancient Vishwarkarma sculptors. In this temple, Lord Eshwara is shown as half man and half woman, known as Ardha Narishwara.

The continuous flow of water from the Jyotirlingam is a major tourist attraction.

Hanuman Lake

Hanuman lake, Bhimashankar

It may be a tad difficult to reach here, but it is an amazing experience for trekkers. This beautiful lake is surrounded by dense forests and majestic waterfalls.

Trekkers on the way to Bhimashankar, can expect to see different species of birds and animals too. Sheer beauty safely enveloped in the lap of mother nature. It is advisable however to carry your own packed food and water at this location.


#All distances mentioned are purely for reader information. 

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