Best Time To Visit The Cascading Waterfalls Of Zenith

Zenith Waterfall, Khopoli
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The cascading ‘Waterfall of Zenith’ is surrounded with lush greenery and huge mountains and just right for a wonderful trek.

A popularly visited waterfall in Maharashtra located near Khopoli in Raigad District, Zenith  stands at a height of 100- 120 feet. Do note that this fall is active only during the monsoon months. The waterfall was apparently named after the company that is located near  the waterfall.

There are few adventure sport organisers near the waterfall who offer water rappeling, swimming in brooks and trekking in a day’s visit. 

A few smaller waterfalls can also be seen near the Zenith waterfall and are perfect in case you wish to stay away from the crowds at the main one. Not all are easily accessible, though they are certainly majestic in their own way.  

Zenith Waterfall, Khopoli
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Getting There:

By train:  Khopoli station is the nearest to reach Zenith waterfall, From Pune, one can board a train to Karjat and then change over to the Khopoli train. To reach the waterfall there are auto rickshaws available and the distance is approximately 5 km.

By Bus: Board the MSRTC bus to Khopoli bus stand and take an auto to reach Zenith falls.

By Road: Drive on the Mumbai Pune Expressway to Panvel. Head towards M.G. Road, Khopoli and drive to Zenith where you can park at the base of the waterfall. 

Food Here:

Vada-pavLocal Villagers sell a variety of lip-smacking snacks including roasted corn, Vada Pav and tea.

However, you will not get anything to eat near the waterfall. The popular food joint with the tourists is Ramakant Vada Pav for steaming hot Vada pav’s served with a spicy red chutney and green chilly.

Places to Visit:

Kondana Caves

Kondana CavesThese caves are in Karjat which is approximately 15 km away from zenith waterfalls. They depict the life of Buddhist monks who lived here in the past

The caves consist of vihara, chaitya and stupa statues carved beautifully inside the caves.

Kondana caves were excavated in the 1st century BC and is also famous among rock-cut Buddhist temples in Maharashtra. Do not miss the magnificent view near the caves that are surrounded by the Sahyadri mountain ranges.

Ulhas Valley Trek

ulhas valley trek
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The valley is located between the beautiful mountain ranges, also known as Canyon Valley.

The trek is surrounded with lush greenery on both sides, with the Ulhas river flowing through the valley.

The trek route is tricky and adventurous and quite a favourite among trained trekkers.

You start your trek from the bottom and climb upwards to complete the trek, on your way to trek you will witness streams, rappel through rocks, and small water bodies.


The popular station is just 25 km away from Zenith waterfall, so if you’re planning to stay overnight, then Matheran is the best option.

Situated at a height of 800 meter above mean sea level, is famous for the heritage toy train and pollution free climate.

Experience the best of nature on your early walk with the melodious chirping of the birds.

Have a Great Trip!


#All images are details are purely indicative and readers are advised to check finer details at the respective destinations. Please adopt all safety measures as may be advised at the destinations mentioned.

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