The Bar Is Open #5 – Camp, Bund Garden, Dhole Patil Road


11 East Street

The interior makes you feel akin to being on the streets of London seated in a red bus. It has a touch of both funky and vintage, making it a fascinating place to visit. They offer you happy hours on beers, cocktails and other domestic drinks.
Where: View In Plaza, Indira Gandhi Chowk, East Street, Camp
Price: 160-1,800



Want to enjoy some classic rock music this weekend while sipping your drink ? Then this is the right place to hop to. This décor is inspired by animated sketches making this place charming. They serve Bira’s and a wide range of beers.
Where: 26, Wonderland Basement, Camp, MG Road
Price: 130-1,500


Tora Tora

The beautiful lighting and unique seating arrangement make this this place charming. it welcomes you with an energetic vibe and you can chill with your friends and colleague and taste some exclusive drinks like “Gabbar”, “Majanu”, “Rangeela”, “Golmaal” and much more. Interesting right?
Where: 320, Amba Commercial Complex, MG Road, Camp
Price: 110-1,200


Masu at The Conrad

Want your own personalized drink? This place will satisfy your wish. This place prepares some amazing cocktails and mocktails according to your request, in their open bar.
Where: Conrad Pune, 7, Mangaldas Road, Bund Garden Road
Price: 340-3,000


Bombay Barcode

This place is inspired by the city that never sleeps-MUMBAI! Perfectly themed interior with a wall painting of Mr. Bachchan, the little Mumbai local seats, a display of Mumbai dabbas, and waiters dressed as coolies makes this place attractive to visit. They give you 5-6 samples to taste and you get to select your favourite.
Where: City Point, Dhole Patil Road
Price: 175-1,600


10 Downing Street

They have an open bar with incredible décor with soothing music and lights. This place has great offers on beer, Flaming shots, Cocktails and some Premium Spirits.
Where: 101-102, City Point, Street 17, Boat Club Road, Sangamwadi, Dhole Patil Road
Price: 200-1,000