The Bar Is Open #1 : Lulla Nagar, Wanowarie, NIBM, Undri


You have heard and by now experienced enough of “The bar is closed” bit from all your favourite watering holes thanks to the new regulation. While this has affected not only the general public, it has led to huge accumulated losses for the restaurant and liquor trade across the cities of India.

There is still hope however and some outlets in select areas of Pune are open for business and to life simpler, we set about launching an area-wise focus on finding a good drink in our city. The lists cover some of the more popular outlets in each area.

Here’s #1 in the series, covering the areas of Lulla Nagar, Wanowarie, NIBM, Undri and around :

China Grill 

China Grill : Image for representation only

Looking for Chinese cuisine with some cocktails and drinks- Then this is the right place. A well spaced out restaurant with a beautiful ambiance and good service. You can sip your favourite drink and enjoy the cuisine. Indian cuisine is also offered at this outlet.

Where: Flower Valley, Wanowarie
Price:    250-1500


Raasta Café

This outlet offers live music as well. From graffiti on the walls to a  fine-looking ambience offering Rooftop sitting. Raasta serves a good range of drinks from Martinis, Margaritas, Sangrias to classic drinks. Fusion starters and mains are also worth trying.

Where: 4th Floor, Dorabjee Mall, Next to Dorabjee Paradise Society, NIBM Road
Price:    200- 1,200



A classic restaurant with a buzzy, clubby and romantic feel with good food covering Indian, Continental, Sizzlers and more. They  serve a wide range of  drinks with some interesting cocktails and Mocktails. Look for the great offers during the happy hours

Where: Sacred World Mall, South Block, Jagtap Chowk, Wanowrie
Price:   120-600


1st Brewhouse

The Corinthian club’s, 1st brewhouse offers a variety of craft beers such as Dark beer, Apple beer etc. It also offers a variety in liquors and cocktails. The peaceful surroundings with both indoor and outdoor sitting arrangement and dance floor.

Where: Nyati County, NIBM Annexe, Mohamadwadi, NIBM Road
Price:   220-2,000



Here’s where you can try a drink with unique names and interesting twists. Yes you heard it right. From cocktail names like lolly-ta, Brahma , Notorious Nyati, Kadak chai. A delectable range to interesting starters served here too.

Where: Shop 7, Bizz Bay Mall, NIBM Road
                                  Price:    300- 1000


Authentic Malvani and Mangalorean cuisine with amazing sea food and a good range of spirits, Signature restro serves you all. A family restaurant with comfortable family seating both indoors and outdoors.

Where: 93, Sahani Sujan Park, Lullanagar, Kondhwa
Price: 100-700

Cheers and Bon Apetit !

# Watch out for our next focus on Baner and the outlet’s that serve spirits in the area. 

All images used for representation. Prices mentioned are indicative.

Views expressed in this column are the authors.

## Consumption of alcohol is injurious to health. Pune365 does not encourage the consumption of alcohol and tobacco.