Bandwatch #2: Skylight Vision

Skylight Vision

Most bands will begin by playing covers. But then Skylight Vision isn’t like most bands. The six member Pune based band is super clear that they will play their originals rather than covers of other bands. So, the songs they play are all written and composed by their own members. Rightly then, when Skylight Vision was launched in January, 2014, on Soundcloud, it was with their first original, Ember, a song about a dying partner.

By March they had three more songs, and, in October the same year, their first EP with four songs in English and Hindi was released. Inspired by emotions and people around, their songs are all about love and melancholy and life. Something people of all ages can relate to. Soft on the ears, with lyrics that will make you listen, Skylight Vision is worth it.

The band members are in their mid 20’s and bring varied musical influences into their music. The result is something the audience totally loves. “That brings the music together and gives us our individuality,” explains Saurabh. “We have just a handful of songs but at shows, it feels really good to hear the audience sing our songs back to us. Initially, we did not have enough songs of our own to do a complete show so we did more covers, but now we do and are going in the direction we want to,” says vocalist and band manager Gaurav. .

While things were going according to plan, the band members decided to participate in competitions and found their way in the Rayban Never Hide Sound 2014 Series and topped it! This let them collaborate with Shaair and Func and got them space on MTV Indies. Among their other highs is performing at NH7 Weekender in Pune last year and reaching the top 5 from 350 bands in the Road to converse rubber tracks 2016 season.
For now, they are looking forward to the release of Perfect Knife, a lyrics video, and towards the end of the year, an album. We wish them all the success as they look skyward.

Band Facts :

Name : Skylight Vison
Launched in: 2014
Music: Pop – Hindi, English
Band members:Aniket Ganu -vocals &guitar, Gaurav Tophakhane- vocals & band manager, Saurabh Kalokhe – bassist, Bhushan Chitnis-guitar, Shaunak Kulkarni-keyboards, Anurag Sawangikar-drums

Uma Karve Chakranarayan

Uma Karve Chakranarayan

Uma Karve Chakranarayan is editor and publisher of Tell Tail, Pune’s only petzine and partner, Petsworld, a pet food and accessories store. ’Furholics’ appears every Saturday on Pune365.
Uma Karve Chakranarayan