Baan Tao is Reloaded with a new menu

To keep the excitement going at pan-Asian restaurant, Baan Tao, Hyatt at Kalyani Nagar, Chef Sunil Joshi and his team have arranged a new menu to tantalise the taste buds of regular and new visitors. “We have tried to incorporate the best of dishes after a span of four to six months, resulting in a new menu so that our regular guests have variety available from time to time,” he explains.

Elaborating on what the new menu holds, the Chef Sunil also adds that it is an amalgamation of exotic ingredients and regional delicacies from various Asian nations, “Use of fresh micro herbs, edible flowers gives dishes a new, interesting look. We have tried to import most of the ingredients like the Himalayan mountain chilli, Sichuan pepper, edible flowers and sakura dust which give richness to the new menu.”

A great culinary addition to the menu is the Dimsum platter which is serves varieties of dimsums along with one bao with a special filling. The dimsums are prepared keeping in mind both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foodies. The Chef’s specials include Chong Qing Chicken and Sichuan Chilli Mushroom from the appetisers that shouldn’t be given a miss. For the mains, the Wok-tossed Chicken in Star Anise sauce, Black Pepper Tofu, Wok-fried long beans along with jasmine rice and noodles should be the perfect oriental fix for your hungry belly. The menu has diversified itself by adding in desserts that have a unique touch to it. The Papaya Orange pudding is a creamy delight infused with pumpkin shavings and orange pieces. The special dessert here is the Anmitsu topped with mango ice-cream and Vietnamese coffee jelly. This Japanese dessert has layers of cocktail fruit with chewy rice cakes. The Matcha Tea Opera is a sinful dessert enclosed in a chocolate globe that melts when the tea is poured on to it. “Anmitsu is a Japanese dessert which we have tried to combine with Vietnamese coffee jelly. The use of fresh seasonal fruits in this dessert gave us an Idea to add this to the menu. Papaya Orange pudding is a very unique combination and turns very light on the palette give a soothing feel because of use of the orange rind,” adds Chef Sunil.

The new menu covers different South East Asian nations along with the Schezwan and Cantonese provinces of China. Dishes from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, Singapore and Japan can also be found in the menu. Baan Tao at Hyatt, is now reloaded to bring Puneites the best and most exotic flavours.

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