B-Leisure Gains Popularity With Startups And Small Corporates

B-Leisure (Business Leisure)
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A report released by Expedia, an American global travel technology company, with a presence in more than 30 countries shows that 41 per cent Indians have not taken a vacation in past six months.

It reflected that 75% of Indians feel vacation-deprived (highest in the world) and still do not avail their entire leave quota. 

This is precisely where B-Leisure (combining business trips with holidays) and work first, travel trips come in to the corporate system.

A trend that has been practiced religiously by huge conglomerates for annual conferences, is now catching the fancy of even Startups and smaller corporate ventures.

Various firms are increasingly organising outstation trips for their employees where they can work and relax at the same time. Employees are given the option to extend their travel and explore the option of B-Leisure.

“The idea of companies allowing employees to extend their business trips for some leisure time reflects the fact that companies are moving towards initiating employee centric norms,” shares Raghav Parekh, a chartered accountant.

“It is now a given that every first-time employee going on a business trip extends his travel duration to explore new places. And, companies are inclusive to providing them with that privilege, although conditions do apply here.

Moreover, after breaking free of the monotony, the productivity and enthusiasm to resume work often doubles. We are always ready to take projects that have such prospects,” Parekh adds.

Anisha, a corporate geek turned full time travel blogger shares that breaking free of the cubicle and travelling, even for work, de-stresses the mind and body.

I fell in love with travelling while I was working with in a corporate setup for eight years.

Initially, it is the company that sponsors the trip, but it is always worth your while to extend it at your cost.

“Companies in the past decade were not that open to this idea given the amount of work load and employee crunch, but now even smaller firms are fine with it.

Moreover, travel companies and elite hotels are targeting business houses with this perspective and offering great deals too, which is definitely working well for the companies too” adds Anisha.

We have been seeing this trend where employees contact us to extend their trips post the corporate engagements at the destination.

“People now try to encash on the opportunity of holidaying at the expense of the company by saving up their earned/privilege leave to utilise them during their corporate trips. However, in certain cases, companies want their employees to report back to the office and then resume with their holiday after that,” adds a city-based tour and travel agent.

“Even my company is now actively involved in employee welfare by organising treks and trips to places nearby and within the country as a start.

“I think this is the best way to encourage the staff and give them a break from the tedious deadlines and extended office hours.

Currently no one leaves office at a fixed time and is bound to work the extra hours because of the work load and in such situations, any leisure activity is welcomed,” adds a finance associate, Snehal Sharma.




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