Artist: Hriday Amonkar

Age: Six years

Medium: Oil pastels and paints

CURATED BY VCW ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS: This little boy has just learnt about all the planets and is fascinated by the idea of going and exploring space as an astronaut. This is the thought process behind the painting which is so innocently put. The astronaut is walking in space very happily between the sun and the earth. The composition of the black sky, stars and planets shows the curiosity and happiness in the little boy.

VCW Academy Of Fine Arts

VCW Academy Of Fine Arts

A unique art showcase featuring creative children from Pune curated by Pune’s very own artist couple Minoo and Sheil Sadwelkar of VCW fame (Established in 1969 in Mumbai,  restructured in Pune in 1999). The VCW Academy Of Fine Arts is known for its passion to nurture young artistic talent in our city. Pune’s budding artists will get an opportunity to showcase their art five days a week through this column. Send in your entries at
VCW Academy Of Fine Arts

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