Arranged Marriages Are Like A Video Game



“A combination of controlled excitement and premediated effort guides you through your first year of marriage,” narrates Shreyas Seth piquing our curiosity. The android game developer is an avid gamer himself who is all for arranged marriages; In fact he goes on to equating it with the various levels in a video game.”

“You have the perfect blank slate,” says the recently engaged Shreyas on marrying a stranger. “No past baggage, perceptions or bias.”

Think CS (Counter Strike)!

“Each day feels like a victory because we are treading on unexplored foreign soil. Each brownie point scored over the stranger sharing your life, is something to cheer about.

Slaying in Dual Player Mode

“In an arranged marriage the onus of making it to a silver jubilee partnership is on both the partners equally.

Like working with a team player, both parties are equally attentive of each other and willing to go the extra mile to make things work.

You Quit, You Lose!

“Such an institution entails that you build your relationship reputation slowly. By the time she knows of your notoriety, you’re already married. Sorry, no backsies!

When She Figures All Your Flaws, It’s Invariably Time To Cut The The 20th Anniversary Cake!

By this time, no one wants a divorce. After all, you quit, you lose! Then there are the families to think of. So the match remains forever drawn. If and when you figure he was wrong in choosing the spouse, he makes no noise as he is already in blissful oblivion living the happy couple bubble.”

Catching our terrified stare, Shreyas is quick to reform his game, presenting a more rational point of view.

“Consider What Malcolm Gladwell Said In His International bestseller “Blink”,” He Advises..

“Snap decisions based on intuition and natural instinct prove equally successful. In most cases they prove more successful than decisions taken with a lot of time and analytical thinking.”

He concludes explaining that the success rate of an arranged marriage is far more than love marriages. “Meeting someone only thrice before walking down the aisle may not make you blissfully happy and content for the rest of your life.

Yet, they don’t know you yet! So, you have all of eternity to unleash the demon in you on that unsuspecting belle or beast!” he signs off with a devious grin.



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