Are We Doing Enough For The Girl Child?

Beti Bachao - Beti Padhao
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In an effort to bolster the ‘Beti Bachao’ and ‘Beti Padho’ scheme, Pune Police recently announced an incentive for lady police personnel.

The Pune Police Commissioner announced that all lady cops would be given a special allowance of Rs 5000 on delivering their first girl child. This amount will be paid from the Pune Police Welfare Fund. 

While this measure announced by the Police department is certainly worthy of praise, it remains only the tip of the iceberg, say Pune’s citizens.

The need for more all-encompassing measures that will pave the way for more collective action by Government departments and corporates is what’s critical to protect the girl child, opined the Puneites we connected with for this story:

A government officer who spoke to us in confidence, quipped, “The aim is to celebrate the birth of a girl child, so why only for lady cops. It should be general to everyone in the force.

We aim to spread general equality among everyone. I have a daughter too, my wife also had gone through the same pain which lady cops go through. I am not asking for the allowance, but according to me, it should be not biased.” he adds.

Rohit Dhamne, says “How is that going to even help, they should instead provide a scholarship or free education for a girl child in their schools.”

It is an indeed a nice initiative, but not for a long term. An allowance of Rs 5000 will be used even before they get admitted to the school, something should be applicable for their long-term run along with this initiative, Rohit adds.

“Aren’t we saying that both girl and boy is equal? This gender gap should not be a challenge in any sphere especially in these”, says Sonal Agarwal, Content writer.

They have also said, that the scheme will not be applicable for the second child. So for example, if a lady cop delivers first boy child and second a girl child, This scheme is absolute of no use to her. I don’t know what logic this initiative had, If we are here to celebrate the birth of a girl child, how does it matter whether he is first or second,” she adds.

“Instead of giving us such allowances to us, I think they should increase our maternity leaves and consider our duty timings during pregnancy,” says *Savita Patwardhan, Constable. ( *Name Changed on request)

The initiative will helpful to many of us, but for how long is the question, she adds.

“I can understand people need an incentive, but it’s like putting a price tag on girl child’s birth. This could lead to more gender equality and sex determination just for Rs 5000,” says Maithilee Mule, Canine trainer.

Is 5000 enough for their development? I think they should more focus on spreading the awareness on the birth of a girl child, instead of promoting it like a brand.

“Goa government has made it equal for every woman in the city, be it the first, or the second child ” she adds.


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