Are Social Media Challenges Really Worth The Effort?

Social Media Challenges
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Life is all about taking challenges and winning them, but, when it comes to the social media world, it could mean risking your life…

Thats when you wonder if all these challenges has been worth your while, say Pune’s social media savvy citizens speaking to Pune365.

Speaking to Chitra Malik, Model says, “I was one of the biggest fans of such social media challenges, until I met with an accident and broke my leg when I was trying to perform the popular #KIKI challenge.

I remember coming out of the car and dancing a few steps while looking into the camera. The next thing I figured was that I had completely missed a pothole and broken my leg.

After being rushed to the hospital, I was told that I broken my ankle bone and will need to be on house arrest for over a month. After that day, I have just stayed away from such challenges and advised others too. No matter how much precautions you take, there is always something left to chance.

The challenges which I took gained me nothing apart from comments, followers and some limelight among my friends, Chitra added,

Social media has become a prominent part our lives, says, Shahrukh Ansari, MBA graduate. There is no end to the virtual world;  every day there are so many interesting and new things.

The #KIKIchallenge- proved to be the most dangerous challenge of the year

The #Fluffchallenge led to some entertaining cute videos of canines looking for their owners. Challenges should be welcomed only if they entertain or has some advantage to people at large much like the Fitness challenge and Padman challenge, Shahrukh added.

Dhruti Shah, Computer professional says, Social Media challenges are popular among the people who have time to keep doing these dumb things.

I have seen people taking the weirdest challenges like snorting condoms to one-line challenge for no sensible reason.

Despite been aware of the fact that this challenge if not performed well, may take a toll on their life, People have still done all this and encouraged others to invite danger.

Dhruti shares, The hype of such challenges is so high that people end up hurting themselves for no reason.

Such challenges are dangerous and need to be stopped and not by the government but by people at large!

They need to understand that such stunts are going to lead nowhere apart from one social media post, she added.

Pranav Poojari, BBA student says, “It is like a competition of who does the best and who can pose the best for our generation.  It is peer pressure that makes you feel out of place if you don’t join the rest and do all this.

Our generation has this desperate urge of wanting to be in the limelight on social media despite it not leading anywhere.

However, I feel that it is high time we understand that such challenges when performed by celebrities are with the necessary precautions.

Moreover, they do it for fame and money, while we get absolutely nothing out of it, Pranav added.





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