Why Salaries Are Never Satisfying

Salary Satisfaction
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At least seven out of 10 employees say that they are underpaid, according to a survey done recently. This comes as no surprise as the need for money is forever insatiable.

And this impasse will continue well into the future as the employer wants maximum for the minimum and workers vice-versa.

This leads to frequent job changes, particularly among new entrants.

We spoke to a few employees about whether they were satisfied with their salaries and a few employers to seek their views too.

“Yes I think that I am underpaid. I am a post-graduate in the field of clothes designing and the salary I get isn’t satisfying, says Chandrika Mehta.

“The education value of designing clothes in India is restricted only to brands. It’s an all-garment industry so experience is all that matters. But if one is from a renowned college then he/she will surely get a good job with a popular fashion brand with a great pay-scale.

“I work for eight hours and after office hours too but the salary is only good enough for survival. I believe one should be paid according to his or her capabilities and the amount of work they do,” she added.
“I have been working with this company for 10 years and I am totally satisfied with my salary. They offer me a good pay and increments time to time. I have a business too which is taken care by my eldest son,” reveals Ajaz Khan.
“The owner of my company is a relative so there was never a need to ask for anything. The work culture is friendly and that kept me in the same company for all these years,” he adds.

“I am not satisfied with my pay as I spend 4 to 5 hours in travelling and by the time I reach home I get exhausted. I was recently promoted but my pay was not increased keeping the increment policies in mind. I think employees should be paid according to their work,” says Shalini Nayak, gym trainer.

“I am an entrepreneur and yes sometimes I get difficulties when my employees ask for frequent increments,” explains Jyoti Mehra.

“I think employees should not compare their pay-scale with their friends in other organisations. Every organisation is different and so are their policies. Also, constant motivation and benefits should be provided to the employees so that they stay for a longer period of time.”

“I am bakery owner and I believe if my employee is loyal and also skillful there is no harm in increasing his pay with a few hundred in a month or two. This will be better for both. The employer is feels secure with his staff and the employee will surely work hard and stay for a longer period,” says Shaun Bob.


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