#Archives: These Wonderful Trios Will Make Your Day

Pets Trio
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Having a pet as a companion is undoubtedly lovely, but, what if one has three pets?

Yes, you heard us right! If a pet keeps you happy and cheerful, imagine having a great trio in the house. However, three pets at home takes a lot of commitment and responsibility that only wonderful pet parents like these can give. 

Today, we present a randomly curated list from our popular #Furholics series, featuring the super trios of the city: 

Poonam Kunwar’s Full House with Penny, Afro and Mr. Cat



Furholics, Toral Narang who says looks don’t matter, the Dog does

Shih Tzu Time With Coco, Maggi, Simba And Mylo At The Dougall’s

#FurLove: The Terrific Bruno, Sugar And Marble At Mayur’s Home

The Terrific Trio- Livu, Sweepea And Chamcham At The Gontia’s


Ankita Malekar

Ankita Malekar

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Ankita Malekar