Anugraha, a dance tribute on Guru Purnima

Kalavardhini Charitable Trust has planned a special dance show ‘Anugraha’ on the occasion of Guru Purnima. Organised by disciples of Dr Sucheta Bhide-Chapekar every year, the theme of the show this year is passing on the art of dance from mother to daughter.

Dr Bhide-Chapekar will present a composition with her daughter and disciple Arundhanti Patwardhan. Artists like Sonali Karandikar with Priya Karandikar, Prity Deo with Shreya Deo, Arundhati Patwardhan with Sagarika Patwardhan, Manasi Vaze with Shashwati Vaze and Anjali Bagal with Ruta Bagal, will perform.

The show is open to all.

When: July 19 , 6pm

Where: Balshikshan Auditorium, Mayur Colony

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