Andy Murray Must Rethink Retirement Decision

Andy Murray
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Though there have been many one-off heroic tales, beating the pain barrier is never an easy task for sportspersons on a long-term basis.

Nobody knows this better than British tennis star Andy Murray, who has announced that he may quit after Wimbledon due to a troubling hip injury problem. After crashing out of the Australian Open in the first round, Murray must be thinking he made the right decision. He was visibly hobbling throughout the match.

At age 31, Murray is at the peak of his career but after a long break to rectify the problem, it doesn’t seem he is in a comfort zone as yet.

Murray has an option of undergoing surgery and he has been offered that by the renowned surgeon Dr Edward Su. The latter is an expert in that field and has helped many professional sportspersons to make a comeback.

If Murray undergoes surgery now, he could be back in time for Wimbledon too if things go well.

Many top players have urged Murray to stay positive and undergo the surgery and then take a call. They feel Murray has a lot to offer to the game and he must take all available options before he makes a final decision.

Murray is still hoping that a few more matches will help to ease the pain and he must do just that before taking the final call.

One can understand Murray’s dilemma if he quits. It is very difficult to tackle the mental pressure one faces post-retirement. Most elite athletes suffer poor mental health as they move on to a new life, according to research.

The changes which come during the transition have to be handled carefully. The spotlight fades as time goes by and there are major lifestyle changes which have to be coped with.

Seeking professional help is very important to good mental health. Murray is well prepared for all this if he does quit.

The tennis tour grind has never been easy for many professional tennis players.  Top players take breaks from the game to refresh themselves before major tournaments to ease the pressure.The stress levels have soared in modern sport as professionalism and riches rules it.

That’s why some athletes choose to quit when on top or when injury spells doom. Obviously they are well-prepared to take on the New World.

Players like Bjorn Borg quit age 26 while still on top, after clinching many records. This took the tennis world by surprise.

The case of top-ranked woman tennis player Justine Henin is strange. She quit in 2008 while still on top, saying she was fed up with the routine and wanted to discover “small pleasures of life”.  She was just 25.

However, the break did not last long and she came back in 2010 with her form still intact. But Fate played a cruel game and an elbow injury ended her career finally in 2011.

Hopefully, Murray will recover quickly after taking the surgery option. He is a class performer and tennis needs him!


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