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Parents & Social Media
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The excessive use of smartphones and excessive time on the internet is the eternal bone of contention between parents and their teens.

The rapid proliferation of social media has added to this issue. Parents often complain that their children are on their mobiles all the time, be it while eating, studying or in bed. They often complain that this is affecting their children and wards’ academics and restricting their outdoor activity.

But, are the tables turning now?

The younger generation are now emphatically proclaiming that their parents now have smartphones and are spending a great deal of time on social media, among other online pursuits.

We spoke to a few young adults and got very interesting insights into their parents’ social media craze…

Aastha Pokarna exclaims, “My father uses FB late into the night to see memes of political leaders and then laughs, before he starts forwarding them to his friends.

And trust me, he sees all trending videos on youtube and he manages to get several videos that, even I haven’t seen !

All this may affect his career and I am concerned about it,” opines Aastha.

The other day I called up my mom while I was at work to ask about our Dog, Pheobe. She disconnected my call and then called after 10 minutes saying she was watching a video and couldn’t attend my call.

Parents these days I tell you, mobile has become their life, says Ankita Sharma.

Riya Patel recalls, “In the past, when my mom had spare time after her work, she read magazines or watched Tv, but now she spends most of her time online.

She likes all my pictures and comments too! Even though, I upload all this at night, she is the first one to like it…

There is a life beyond the mobile too and my mother should understand that!

On one occasion, I was with my cousins and we were smoking in my room at around 2 am since we knew our parents would be asleep. I was using WhatsApp and noticed my dad was online. I even messaged him to check whether he was awake and he replied.

He uses his phone late at night and that’s why nowadays, he can’t wake up in the morning, says Shreeya Rathore.

Amita Naidu says, “ One day my dad left the house to take our dog for a walk, like he usually does. And he stood at the gate for 15 minutes chatting on FB messenger! A friends recorded this video and sent it to me.

Their attention is now always on their phones, quips Amita.

My dad’s social media account has approximately 500 pictures. He posts pictures wherever he travels be it with friends and family, or random people. Even with animals and trees, and almost with everything and everybody.

He must know that there should be some privacy, says Nishani Gupta.


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