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Amateur Adventurers
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In our typical nine to five city hustle, a bit of adventure proves to be the much needed break to the monotony..

And as good things, adventure pursuits also need moderation and precaution to ensure you stay safe and happy at the end of it all. Amateur adventure enthusiasts are often risking their lives following self help guides from the internet and apps that provide only theoretical assistance.

Pune365 decided to delve deep and spoke to a few experienced adventure enthusiasts to understand what it takes to stay safe and enjoy the best of this adrenalin boosting pursuit…


Harsh Taldar says, “ I have been to bike rides earlier and planning for one in April too.

Biking is not just about riding a bike with a scenic view and earphones, it’s a much more intense thing. You must seek proper guidance before you start a trip.

One should always be familiar with the place you will be be traveling to, and a solo trip initially, is not recommended.

While I was on my last trip, a solo first time biker, met with an accident and died as he took a wrong way near Pagal Nala, Himachal Pradesh. So mishaps can happen anytime, and anywhere. Amateur bikers should take a guide along or at least travel with those who have been on such bike rides earlier” adds Harsh.

I am a Recruitment executive and I have done quite a lot of treks. Trekking is something that everybody today thinks of doing, but it is something that comes from within. When I did my first trek it was a spontaneous one and none of my friends accompanied me. I signed in with youth hostel and went ahead on my first trek.

I knew nothing and while on the trek, I realized that guidance is necessary.

There is no connectivity, nor electricity for even phones on high altitudes. Also, trekking is not a luxury trip, so one should carry less luggage. Basic essentials like proper shoes, jackets, first aid, water bottles and a good backpack is mandatory.

People also experience mountain/ high altitude sickness, so one should carry small oxygen cylinders and tablets that can make one acclimatised to the environment. Its been years now that I have been trekking, but still I prefer going with groups “ says, Akash Bhandari.

Aniket Bal says, “ Any adventure be it trekking, biking or water sports should be done only under supervision. I did trekking till I turned forty and I had a different experience each time I trekked. People today don’t care about their life much and plan solo trips and treks which are unsafe. And they neglect the havoc they may face in their excitement of trekking.

During the time of snowfall, there are hidden snow bridges and only experienced trekkers or guides can track them.

Also, travel organizations like India treks and youth hostel take groups for trekking but not many people prefer it, as they think they will be expensive but they actually aren’t and after all a few extra pennies for safety, is worth it all” he adds.

I am a cyclist and I have traveled around almost every part of India with my cycle. I have taken groups and traveled solo too. Initially, when I started my solo trips I was stuck many times and even robbed, but then I learnt from these experiences.

Now for me, it is safety first, when I travel.

I also keep my old ATM card which I don’t use now in my wallet and the one I use, I keep it under my cycle seat and many other small precautions like this .

After all these experiences over the years, I realize that guidance is necessary and I take special care of my groups.

Adventure is a beautiful thing but safety makes it even better” says, Himanshu Singh


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