Airport Taxi Service By Women For Women -Do You Hear That Pune?

Pink Taxi
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Bengaluru airport was painted in Pink when they recently flagged off their all-women taxi service, Pink Taxi, for their female travellers. The taxi driven by women will offer pick up and drop facilities to female flyers.

Initiated by the Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC) and supported by Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) to ensure safety of women passengers, the women-only taxi service was jointly launched on Monday, 7th January.

“We, at the BLR Airport, take the safety and security of all our flyers seriously. We decided to do our bit for our female travellers with our all-women taxi service, Pink Taxi.

We will pick you up and drop you till your doorstep. Traveling could not get any safer,” read an official tweet by Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru.

“The women drivers will be fluent in multiple languages, well versed with local areas and trained in self-defence tactics to strengthen the safety and security of women passengers,” the airport said in a statement. The cabs will be equipped with GPRS tracking and an SOS switch.

“This initiative if implemented in Pune will be a boost towards employment opportunities for women in Pune,” shares Dr Ragini Mankar.

“I do believe that given the vulnerability of women to sexual harassment and safety, this is a move that should be followed with immediate effect. While this will ensure safety of women travellers, it is empowering and encouraging at the same time.

Women who today sit at home and are dependent on their abusive husbands due to lack of working skills can learn driving and encash on this initiative, she suggested.

Pink Taxi
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“I really hope that we don’t really need special cabs for women, but given that people still aren’t appreciative of women travelling at the wee-hours of the night and minding their own business, we need special treatments,” quips Prarthana Mandal, a fashion influencer.

“Practically, late-night travel timings is convenient for people on a work-trip. The entire day is saved for working while one can travel to and fro in the nights.

Hence, in such situations, a safe commuting system is the need of the hour. Also, cheap air tickets encourage women to choose late night flights. Bengaluru being one of the hubs of IT faces this a lot. Their initiative is commendable and something that needs to be replicated soon in Pune.”

“Considering the number of women travellers who take flights 24/7, this is both an imminent and priority need!

Honestly, I don’t have a peaceful nights sleep when my sister is travelling late from Pune to any other city in India,” says Rajeev Desai, a city-based entrepreneur.

“Although cities like Pune and Bengaluru are more vigilant about women and take responsibility for their safety, a women centric commute system across the country will help making traveling safe and secure for them.

Frankly, even male taxi drivers are reluctant to drive late night since many roads are lonely and people can’t be trusted on the roads. There should be preventive measures in place that ensures the safety of the female driver and the traveller as well,” Desai adds.


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