Activists Urge Civic Authorities To Expedite Much Needed Parking Policy

Parking Policies
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In a city whose vehicular population have exceeded its human population a sustainable and efficient parking policy is expected to be mandatory…

Pune’s parking policy however was approved by the Pune Municipal Corporation General Body in March 2018. But the policy so far has not been implemented as the civic authorities have failed to take any action in this regard.

Taking cognisance of the increasing traffic snarls in the city, citizen activists decided to voice their concerns to the administration, highlighting the fact that how parking has already become a very serious issue in the city.

The activists and NGO’s collectively opined that despite several reminders and follow up with the administration the Mayor has failed to decide on which roads the policy will be implemented on pilot basis.

The activists have vowed to approach the State and Central Government Ministries if no action is taken at the city level.

Prashant Inamdar of Pedestrians First, who was involved in the drafting of the parking policy said, “The parking policy for Pune is based on best practices worldwide and is as per the principles laid out in the National Urban Transport Policy, which says that on-street parking must be charged as per the demand in the area.

Paid parking is not new to Pune and generally citizens have accepted the benefits of paid and managed parking on streets such as Fergusson College road and JM road in the past.”

Sujit Patwardhan, Convener, Parisar NGO pointed out that parking problems simply cannot be solved by a supply-side approach but must be addressed by controlling demand by appropriate pricing.

“Most On-Street parking, even on very congested roads is occupied all day long by single users.

Pricing of on-street parking will ensure that such people use alternative parking or even better, switch to public transport so that customers can get on-street parking for an hour or so, which is what they need. The parking policy will actually help retail business.”

Gen. Jatar of Nagrik Chetna Manch said that having a parking policy was a condition imposed by the Government of India when the Metro was approved.

“A parking policy will ensure that people shift to sustainable modes. The CPCB has also directed the city to ensure strict enforcement of no parking areas to control emission from vehicles.”

Haphazard parking on the roads and encroachment on footpaths, cycle tracks and close to bus stops is rampant in the city.

It is time that the authorities take charge and implement the policy for the smooth movement of the traffic within the city and help citizens enjoy a smooth and safe riding experience.


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