#ACLInjuries- Pune’s Young Kneel In Pain

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The rise in knee injuries among children and teenagers are a significant cause of concern today. One of the most common knee injuries is the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) rupture or tear.

We at Pune365 decided to check this concern and connected with city experts to get answers to a a lot of questions that citizens have on this growing malaise.

Why is this injury growing massively in teens? And is surgery the only cure for this injury?

Dr. Sachin Tapasvi (Leading Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sports Injury Specialist) opines for our readers, “There are two reasons why people face ACL.

Firstly today’s population is more of sporty and people participating in contact sports like soccer or any game which requires sudden stopping and turning tend to harm their ligament.

Additionally, teenagers today prefer riding two-wheelers and often accidents ranging from low to medium velocity take place which leads to an ACL injury.

Sport is important but one should play with proper technic and on proper surface, also the player should be well equipped and not rough these are few precautions I would advise.

”Also, in 30-40 % of the cases, surgery isn’t required, but one should do exercises with a qualified trainer, adds Tapasvi.

Dr. Rakesh Varyani, (Leading Musculoskeletal & Sports Physiotherapist) said “Recent research has warned us about knee injuries been common in teens recently. As a physiotherapist, I notice that ACL injuries are seen in the age group of 10-15 years and female athletes more often.

Usually, when young athletes are stretched more and their training is increased coupled with their competitive year-round playing, they tend to face ACL issues.

Basically, any jump, twist and sudden movement can be a cause of ACL injury.

Pre-season physical or sports physical checkups can help in sorting injuries and prevent them from flaring up. Proper hydration and a balanced diet is also important.

Exercises and training programs that involve neuro-muscular training in schools and sports teams is essential. Also one should rest and apply ice at the time of injury.” advises, Varyani.

We also spoke to citizens who have experienced moderate to severe knee injuries to understand their concerns…

Swara Naik (Student) says, ” I was a kabaddi player in my school days and its a very rough game, so knee injuries were common. Once during a match i fractured my right leg, and my knee was also severly damaged.

It is been a long time since the injury but the pain still appears, so i do functional exercises daily to avoid it recurring. Knee injuries are hard to recover from frankly. One should take special care while playing.”

Aneri Shetty (Housewife) says, ” I have a 14 year old kid and we play basketball together. Often after our game, we do encounter bad bodyaches. I earlier thought age could be the reason in my case, but i didn’t quite understand why my young son faced this.

We eventually got it checked and the doctor said it was because we played for long hours without training. This he said can result in the body facing a sudden stretch and this can lead to bone injuries. Now we check every few months to prevent recurring injuries through such proactive measures.

Smita Mukherjee (Medical student) says, “It’s not that ACL is faced only by teens, anybody doing activities or sports that involves sudden jerks and turns can face ACL.

It has quite common in youth because of their roughness and speed. Use of knee pads and other equipment should be used while playing, also warm-ups and stretching exercises are necessary.



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