A Survival Guide For The Sick And Solo

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Living alone becomes a habit after a while. That sense of freedom where one can do anything one wants without answering anyone takes over a person easily.

You can drink whenever you want, choose whose company you want, dance in the nude if you like or have multiple girlfriends, allocating different times for each and watch the telly until kingdom come.

Some bachelors or spinsters call it nirvana. Lots of space to breathe, no interferences and just plain You with You.

That’s all very well while the going is good.

But things come a cropper the moment you are felled with illness. This Paradise collapses like a ton of bricks and the stubborn you refuse to take a friend in as a temporary measure.

Years of being conditioned as a Solo Man has made you rigid in your ways and and closed as far as thinking is concerned. The mind plays with you and the imagination goes berserk.

Yes, the first thought that enters your head is “What if I die and nobody comes for three weeks?”

The mind sketches a picture of you lying near the door in a pool of blood or in the bathroom lifeless in a weird position. This imagination fest happens at 1am and you break out in a sweat. This gives the mind more leewaay to widen the scope of death which will scare the daylights out of you.

It bombards you with death from accidents, torture, and fatal illnesses.

However, here are some tips to deal with such unwarranted illness and how to beat Fate before it lets out its Fury.

Call A Friend: The moment you feel ill call a friend to sort it out with you. You may need to go to hospital or be under proper care at home. So offer him food, shelter but no clothing.

Avoid Social Media: Avoid using the social media to convey you are sick. You will get lots of likes and “Get Well Soon” messages but no-one will come forward to help, of course.

Medicine Cabinet: Do regular checks of the medicine cabinet. Make sure that all the stuff you require are in sufficient quantity for emergencies. If you have chronic illnesses, more care is required. You could go to meet your Maker if you miss some doses.

Communication Channel: Build one if you don’t have one.  The donkey in you will think why, but without much ado, let important people in your life know alternative numbers.  This must include relatives, your boss and colleagues, your girlfriend/boyfriend, neighbours or anyone else who has quick access to you.

Doctor: Leave your doctor’s number with your relative or friend and vice-versa. This will help in a quick way during emergencies.

Carry your mobile: Never forget to do that at home. You may fall somewhere but the phone will help your make distress calls.

Charge mobile: Make sure your mobile is fully charged or reasonably at least. Else you may be in trouble. Panic will set in among your relatives and friends if you are unreachable.

House keys: Leave a set of keys with your neighbour for emergencies. Give one to your trusted friend and another to your relative.

Action: Stop thinking and do something immediately. Go to the doctor or the hospital. A stitch in time saves nine. It may apply literally to you too.

Pray: If you don’t take any of the above precautions say a prayer – your body may be found in three weeks or somebody will take you to hospital in three hours. Your life is in your hands.