A Sober Look At Big Fat Pune Weddings

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Marriages, they say, are made in heaven but down here on earth it is event which has many schools of thought.

The choice lies with the individual, depending on his/her economic status and social status.

Weddings mean a lifetime of memories of that day when the vows are taken to spend the rest of the lives together.

So, is it going to be a small affair or the Big Fat Pune Wedding?

We spoke to a few Pune ciitzens to find out what they feel about marriage ceremonies.

“All my career I have seen a lot of marriages and of all kinds. But when I decided to get married, we had a very sober wedding, Tina Varma, an Event Manager says. I and my husband, Jayant, dated for 3 years and then decided to get married. Both of us were working with the response department in a newspaper and later, we fell for each other. We wanted to get married out of our own finances and our funds were limited that time so we had a registered Marriage and later threw a big party for our friends and colleagues.
“Its been 18 years of our marriage now and on our 25th Anniversary we’ll have a big fat wedding,” she adds.


“We were in a relationship for a year and then one day while we were on a walk, I fell into a ditch. She gave me her hand to help and I proposed her for marriage says, Amitabh Sinha, a  professional DJ. She was Muslim and I being a Hindu guy, there were many complications from our family’s end. So, I applied for a job in the Gulf and ran from my house. We did a registered marriage and then told our families. Lately, everybody are okay with it. It was a very nice feeling. Sober weddings turn out to be extraordinary.”

Sakshi Mishra says,” Mine was an average wedding. Though my husband, Aditya, desired for a registered one but being a girl I had few dreams. We met through a matrimonial website and just after 2 months, we got hitched in December 2014. Our marriage date was in February so that was a really short time for preparation. Both of us were from different cities but were staying in Pune for a long time so we decided to get married in Pune itself. Aditya wanted a court wedding to save money for our future because to spend a lot of money on rituals seemed pointless to him. I convinced him and then had a small wedding.
“All the preparations for my wedding were done by me and my friends. As he was busy buying our first house. Though not all my relatives and friends were there the cream crowd which I wanted were present and frankly that’s what matters.

Rajiv Kapoor, son of an industrialist, believes marriage is a one-time experience and it should be memorable.

“I am getting married in a couple of months. I want it to be a grand affair which will remain in the memory of the people who attend it. I will certainly spend big money and I can afford it. I have already got an events manager to lay out the whole plan for it. Look, people say one should not spend so much on weddings and instead save it for the future. In my case my future is secure. I am a director of a mill.

“Also there is a lot of prestige involved. She too comes from a very rich family and we have to maintain our standing on society. It is extremely important for us or else people will talk behind our back that we are stingy. I see nothing wrong with a lavish wedding if you can afford it.


Riya Kalwani

Riya Kalwani

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