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Kader Khan, who died recently, has left an indelible mark on Indian cinema as an actor, screen and dialogue writer and director.

His striking personality and vast ability as a character actor, comedian and villain won him many accolades. He acted in more than 350 films and wrote the dialogue for more than 250 movies.

Kader Khan, who taught Civil Engineering at a Mumbai college, was given a break in the 1973 film Daag and from then on went from strength to strength. He started with more villainous characters before his penchant for timing made him a much-loved comedian.

He paired up with Shakti Kapoor and the two did some memorable roles. His films with Govinda were a big hit, particularly the exchanges between the two.

Here are five of his earlier efforts which won over the viewers.

Daag (1973)

Daag (1973)Cast: Rajesh Khanna, Sharmila Tagore, Rakhee, Kader Khan, Madan Puri, Prem Chopra
Director: Yash Chopra

A love triangle messes up the life of the people involved after the protagonist is sent to jail for a murder he did not commit. Sunil (Khanna)  is on a honeymoon with his wife Sonia (Sharmila) when a storm forces them to halt at a bungalow. The owner’s  son Dheeraj (Chopra) tries to rape Sonia but then Sunil arrives and Dheeraj gets killed.

Sentenced to jail, the police van in which he is travelling has an accident and all are presumes dead. However, Sunil escapes, takes on a new identity nd is married to a rich woman Chandni (Rakhee). Sonia, now with their son, finds out Sunil is still alive. Will she win her husband back?

Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani (1988)

Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani (1988)Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Govinda, Jaya Prada, Farah Naaz, Kader Khan, Shashikala, Ashok Saraf, Aruna Irani
Director: Kalpatru

Dhanraj (Kader Khan) is a wealthy man whose family consists of his wife Mrs Dhanraj ( Shashikala)  and sons Raj (Kapoor) and wife Ganga (Jaya), Amar (Govinda), Ganga (Padma), widow of the eldest son and her two children, and Uma (Aruna Irani) who has a poor husband Lallu (Saraf) with whom she refuses to stay. Dhanraj is henpecked by his wife whose evil mind schemes up a lot of plots to keep the family unhappy.

Amar falls in love with Asha (Farah)who refuses to fall to the wiles of Mrs Dhanraj. Ram is suspicious about Ganga’s closeness to Amar and becomes suicidal. Mrs Dhanraj stokes the fire and Ganga is made to feel guilty. Then Dhanraj is coaxed to take command and he does so with great effect.

Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharnii (1989)

Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharnii (1989)Cast: Govinda, Kimi Katkar, Kader Khan, Shakti Kapoor, Shoma Anand, Asrani, Gulshan Grover
Director: Vimal Kumar

The plot focuses on a man who takes the high moral ground and finds himself at the low end.  Government servant Gangaram Verma (Kader Khan) does not compromise on his ideals but finds that his scheming son Vijay (Shakti Kapoor) and his wealthy wife Sapna (Shoma) tries to get hold of his property.

Vijay and Sapna get a son Ravi (Govinda) who is taken care by Gangaram and his wife. Rabi grows up and follows his grandfather’s ideals. When he learns that his grandfather was treated badly his own parents, he plots revenge to teach them a lesson.

Mr and Mrs Khiladi (1997)

Mr and Mrs Khiladi (1997)Cast: Akshay Kumar, Juhi Chawla, Kader Khan, Paresh Rawal, Satish Kaushik
Director: David Dhawan

An astrologist uncle (Kaushik) of a young man Raja (Akshay) predicts a great future for him, the latter decides to do nothing until his fortunes change. Later he is bumped by Shalu during an accident and is badly injured. But Shalu’s rich father Badri Prasad (Kader Khan) asks him to forgive her and get her out of jail.

He obliges and later the two marry despite Badri Prasad’s reluctance because Raja lives an idle life. He does not allow them to consummate the marriage and tells Raja to get 100,000 rupees with hard work before he can get Shalu. Raja takes up the challenge.

Dulhe Raja (1998)

Dulhe Raja (1998)Cast: Govinda, Raveena Tandon, Kader Khan, Mohnish Behl, Johnny Lever, Prem Chopra
Director: Harmesh Malhotra

K K Singhania (Kader Khan) buys a five-star hotel but finds that a small restaurant owned by Raja (Govinda) is near the premises and acts as an eyesore. He tries his best to get rid of it but Raja foils him all the way, making them bitter enemies.

Singhania has a daughter Kiran (Raveena) who loves Rahul (Behl) madly, without giving heed to Raja’s advances. However, Singhania knows that Rahul is a money grabber and tells his daughter she can marry anyone else but him. As revenge, Kiran opts for Raja in revenge. But things take a turn when Rahul’s intentions are revealed.


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