A Housewife Is As Busy As A Working Professional, Says Karnataka HC

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Not surprisingly, a majority of people still believe that housewives have an easy life and do not deal with the pressures of working women.

Contrary to this belief, a housewife handles all this and more and often more efficiently, despite not being given the luxury of weekly holidays and salary hikes…

In a recent judgement, the Karnataka High Court stepped in and said that ‘a housewife is as busy as a working professional.’ The High Court was ruling in a case where a husband denied paying the “requisite expenditure” for his wife to travel by air to Bengaluru from UP for the hearing of their divorce case stating that she is ‘free’ to travel by train than by air.

The order read, “With regard to the contention that merely because the wife happens to be a housewife, she is free to travel by train, Justice Raghvendra S Chauhan observed that it is highly misplaced.

For, the said plea terms the housewife as “free”.  Such a contention merely shows the lack of understanding about the work being carried out by “the housewife.” It also reveals the lack of gender justice, where large number of persons continue to carry a misnomer that a housewife is “free”.

After all, she is responsible for looking after the members of the family, and for running the house. To look after the members of the family, and to run the house is not an easy task,” the court added.

Pune’s citizens shared their views on the larger tendency to undervalue the immense role played by the housewives…

No one can match what they do for us, says Priya Patil, a Company Secretary. “They are working 24×7, 365 days a year and all they get is ‘housewife he toh hai’.

I mean they do not get any appreciation, nor are they paid or given a weekend off. Still, most people think that it is easy for housewives to always have a smile, even when they have a headache or fever.

Being a housewife is a very tough job, and hence people like us prefer working at a company and hire maids for our everyday chores.

“I think they work more than us,” quotes Megha Awasthi, a finance associate. “More so women who are married and have babies, but they still choose to follow they passion and work.

I mean, do they have super powers to manage all at one time and still slay equally at the work front. I had my colleague working from the US with us, although she was granted maternity leave, she used to report to work without being lazy.

A home maker, professional and mother, but still manages everything at an equal grace.

Kumari Ankita, a social worker feels that how much ever a woman works at home, her contribution is always neglected.

I have seen my father not taking my mother’s opinion on any matter, treating her like an object in the house and not realising her worth. All this always troubled me, as I saw her being on her feet throughout the da,y just to please her nagging husband and fulfill all the desires of their children.

This is when I wanted to help many other women like my mother and make then realise that they are an important part of the family and they are the people who bind us together.”


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