Ever Seen A Fort With Its Entrance On A Beautiful Beach?

Revdanda Fort
Image source: Forts and Treks

Revdanda Fort, 18 km from Alibaug and 15 km from Kashid is the only fort which has its entrance on a beautiful beach.

The fort is situated at the mouth of Kundalika river. It is a four storey tower and the fortification of the walls is what remains of the original fort.

Portuguese captain Soj in 1558 CE, built Revdanda Fort which is also known as Revdanda Aagarkota.

Revdanda and Korlai fort came under the Maratha Kingdom as per the treaty signed by Portuguese in 1740 CE.  Later the fort was defeated by Angres in 1817, but the fort came under the British Raj in 1818 AD.

Revdanda Fort
Image source: alibag.maharashtraonline

The fort is spread across around 5 kms and the forts dividers encompass the whole village. A Portuguese picture can be seen at the entrance. Once you are inside the fort, you will see the 3 gun balls before the primary door, along with a cannonball stuck in the divider.

There are run-down houses along the fortification, a tower, and a few remnants on the shore. There is apparently an ancient passage under the principle walls which is currently blocked and inaccessible. 

The surrounding area is known for coconut and betel nut plantations, commonly known as Naralchi Baug or Wadi. Bakulji an aromatic flower variety is another major tourist attraction.

By virtue of the long coastline, the principal occupation of the locals here is paddy farming and coconut and betel nut farming.

Watch Tower in Revdanda Fort
Watch Tower in Revdanda Fort. Image source: Tripadvisor

Reaching Revdanda Fort:


State transport buses are available from Pune to Alibaug at a distance of 142 km. From Alibaug you can either take a local bus or an auto to reach Revdanda which is the base village of the Revdanda fort.


Drive on the expressway using this route- Pune -Chinchwad – Dehu Road – Lonavala – Khopoli – Pen – Poyand – Alibaug – Nagaon – Revdanda – Revdanda Fort.

Local Food:

You are on the coast, so sit back and enjoy the seafood delicacies available there including fish curry, fish fry and rice.

What To See:

Datta Mandir

Source: Kokan search

The temple is located on a peak with 1500 steps to climb.This is a temple of Lord Datta in the Chaul part of the Revdanda. From the top of the temple, the entire village of Revdanda can be seen. Apparently built during Shivaji Raje’s to keep a close watch on the enemies from the peak. The Mandir also celebrates a five day festival during Datta Jayanti.


Revdanda Beach


The Revdanda beach is a very isolated beach,

Yet, it is considered to be the biggest beach in Raigad district and the uniqueness of this beach is the darker sand that is almost black in colour.


Shitala Devi Mandir 

Source: Kokan Search

It is the second most famous temple in the town and the  devotees worship the goddess Shitala here.

The locals believe that this goddess plays a major role in protecting the villagers.


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