A Date Dilemma: Who Will Foot The Bill?

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Who should pay the bill on the first date? This raises a lot of ‘Ifs’ and ‘Buts’. However,  with gender equality becoming the new mantra, a woman also wants to pick up the tab for the evening.

There are some men who think that is chivalrous to pay the bill but in this day and age, it may be taken as an insult. Many women, particularly young girls, prefer the easy way out – share the bill.

We spoke to a few men and women in the city to find out what they feel about this perennial dilemma.

“I don’t actually split the bill, but I pay for what I order! It is nothing to do with feminism but I have a huge appetite and can’t compromise on food. I prefer enjoying my food without having a guilty conscious about some else paying for the food I ate!, says Gauri Suryawanshi, Baker.

“Another advantage of paying your bill is, you don’t offend anyone if you’re unable to finish the food. I can pay his part too, but why should I if its just about one date! Well, if I like the guy and am interested in him than there is a totally different scenario,” she adds with a smile.

Lawerence Jose, Business Analyst says, “Chivalry is still alive, I am the one inviting her for the date then I should be the one paying for it. It has nothing to do with male ego as since ages men have taken the responsibility when it comes to romantic affairs.

“Although if a woman is insisting on paying the bill, I would ask her to split the bill. But if we’re in a committed relationship I wouldn’t mind if my girlfriend pays for me not only for food and drinks but also my shopping bills,” he adds.

“Gone are the days, when men are the host for the night! Even girls like to take their guys out,” says Rashi Thakur, HR.

“So, it is not necessary that he always has to stick up in the gentleman shoes, It is fair enough to pay if you ask him for a date. The bill shouldn’t be forced on him unless he insists,” she adds.

Bhushan Rikame, Consultant, says, “Men generally prepared to pay the bill as in most cases they’re the one who  initiates the idea of the date. I am inviting her then I should make sure that she is comfortable and the bill shouldn’t be forced on her unless she is insisting on it.”

No matter who takes the call of inviting on the date, the amount of the bill will decide about the who pays, says Shruti Kadam, student.

“If I am the one taking him out for a date I will always look for an affordable place and cut on food and drinks. if he still insists on going to a five-star than the bill is in his court,” she adds.

Bhushan Kulkarni, a tabla player, says,”I just go along and don’t think much about who pays the bill. I used to be very chivalrous before but now if she offers to split or pay it herself, I don’t think much about it.

“Women are far more generous than men. I remember borrowing 10 bucks from three or four women during my broke days in college. They always obliged and that took care of my tea for the day. And they never asked for it back. If I am on a first date I check her reactions when the bill comes. If she reaches for her purse I just say let me pay and if she says split it, I don’t argue. It is simple as that.”



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