Have You Seen These Cool ‘Self Defence’ Gadgets Yet?

Self Defense
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With crime rates ever-increasing all over the country, it is best to stay prepared and learn the art of self defense.

Acquiring martial art skills may not be possible overnight. While some take to carrying or storing guns for self defense purposes, there are a lot of safety concerns to consider.

There are simpler and safer methods by which you could ward off an attacker. We scouted the worldwide web to curate this list of interesting self defense gizmos that could come in handy. So whether you want to learn about the best self defense knife
on the market or a discreet comb dagger, make sure you use these tools responsibly. We do hope however that you will never find a need to use them!

J&L self defence products

Comb Dagger: This comb-dagger not only looks like a usual comb but also untangles your hair! and can prove to be a good tool for self defense.

It’s compact so can fit in any handbag and the dagger is strong enough to save you.


Safety Alarm:Safety Alarm is a tiny alarm device that one can clip to the pockets of your jeans or anywhere for that matter. Once it is As the button on the device is pressed it emits a loud sound that can help to attract help from passersby.


Lipstick Pepper Spray:Pepper sprays are the most effective and simple self-defense gadgets, where you can find plenty more information online about the most effective pepper sprays from websites like https://www.guardian-self-defense.com.

The lipstick version is compact and easy to extricate during an attack. Its camouflage also helps keep attention away.


Torch Stun Gun: The Torch stun gun is a self-defense gadget that can stun an attacker and will give you enough time for the escape.

It is a rechargeable weapon and emits an electrical charge similar to a shock on contact. It also doubles up as a flashlight for regular use.


Slap-Cap:Slap-Cap is a basic P-cap with lead in its bowl.

In the event of an attack, the cap can be flipped down and used to ward off the attack.

This can help to deal with bag snatching and pick-pocketing.


Lipstick Stun-Gun: Like the torch stun gun, the lipstick stun gun is a similar but sleeker self defence tool.

With its deceptive appearance, this Lipstick stunner is easy to carry and also easily camouflaged.

Monkey fist ball
moneky fist aliexpress

Monkey Fist-Ball: A monkey fistball is a small but helpful weapon. There are many unpredictable circumstances that may need you to retaliate. A heavy fistball wrapped by strips making it appear like a keychain.

This can be used to ward off a predator with ease.


Reinforced Striker: A reinforced striker is a self defence tool that can be clipped onto a belt, or on a bag and pulled out like a sword when in danger.

It is a foldable striker that can stun an attacker.


#All these gadgets are intended purely for self defense and are not toys. All images and details mentioned here are only indicative. Import/ purchase and use of these devices may be protected/restricted under Indian government regulations. Readers are advised to check details before purchase

##Pune365 does not vouch for the quality or efficacy of these products.

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