5 Women You Date in Your 20’s

women to date in 20s
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If the ways of women have forever confounded you, you probably need a starter’s kit to millennial dating. From the most elusive to the most familiar, we bring you a scintillating mix of maidens you will date in your 20’s.

Whether you warily regard women or happen to be a casual datist and frequent Tinder; this list is your one-stop guide.


The tradition of men paying for women grew outdated with the advent of feminism. But here’s a woman who wants the royal treatment. She may not always return it, but woe betides a man who expects her to go halfsies with the dinner bill.

She dresses well and is the epitome of female beauty. But be wary guys, you shall have to pay for taking her out as arm candy- in manners, grace and cold hard cash.


This is probably the most intriguing creature you shall have the pleasure of dating. Sarcasm, satire and inappropriate sexual humour are worthy weapons in her arsenal. She wields them well.

Should you spot this elusive maiden, approach with care! Carry a sumptuous treat if you will for this one isn’t the type who orders a garden salad at dinner.


This is the girl who demands that you reveal your intentions toward her in the first week. Making swift decisions a tad rashly, she wears her heart on her sleeve.

While she may come on a tad too strong, this is a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. Too bad men sense desperation like a dog smells fear- from a mile away.


The smart woman of today, this one knows not to take men too seriously when they proclaim their eternal love for her right at the start. She plays it cool and has guys cool their heels while she explores her options.

A word of caution- hurt her once and she shall flee into the arms of another man waiting in the wings. You get one shot, use it well!


A planner and sometimes plotter Gauri the Milk Maid has tall dreams of a fantabulous romance. The only glitch is she projects these on the unsuspecting object of her affection. This is the girl who will be doodling your name on her binder from the moment your eyes first meet.

You can sit back and relax around her for she has probably envisioned your future, your wedding and the names of your future children the moment you asked her out.

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