5 Seductive Sangrias To Invoke The Devil



Summer is over, yet scarlet hued Sangrias peppered with peaches take you right back to May.. 

Trust Pune pubs aim to please, fashioning white wine and rosé variants in addition to red wine Sangrias. Now that our watering holes have reopened, life is good !

The real shocker is the beer Sangria amply garnished with fruit, sharing tables with the elusive non-alcoholic Teetotaler special. Arm yourself with this list the next time you bar hop hankering for this exquisite elixir.


Frozen Monkey

This is the go-to place if rosé is your poison yet, you seek to indulge your senses with a Sangria. The shy monkey is a must try for this chilling rosé sangria can knock your socks off. This ones Laced with cranberry juice and infused with oodles of juicy apple slices.

Where: Hinjawadi
Cost for two: Averages at Rs. 1,300


Margarita Deck

The Margarita Deck really spoils you for choice. They have the quintessential red as well as the elusive white wine sangrias, but the real specialty is their Mexican sangria. You can literally build your own cocktail by picking the wine variant and the fresh fruit. This place stands out for the generous hint of tequila that is dunked into their sangria.

Where: Koregaon Park
Cost for two: Averages at Rs. 1,750


Flambos Brewpub

This one is a coveted microbrewery frequented by Pune’s youth. Visit only if you are the experimentation breed, for their beer flavoured sangria will have you screaming holy sacrilege. Wine lovers steer clear, for their mead only offers you a delectable wheat beer. Indeed, their Hefeweizen is made in-house and comprises of soft notes that are simply brought alive with the tart of oranges. Flambos’ Hefeweizen laced with fresh apples or watermelon is also worthy of a try.

Where: Bund Garden Road
Cost for two: Averages at Rs. 2,100


Tales & Spirits

Tales & Spirits makes the list purely because they offer you a non-alcoholic Sangria. Essentially a mocktail, this is the only non-alcoholic sangria you are likely to find in Pune. Wavering away from wine, they replace it with a blend of iced black tea with a liberal dash of pomegranate juice. This witchin’ brew incorporates orange juice, a squeeze of lime and a pinch of sugar. Then of course there is the juicy seasonal fruit that simply elevates the mocktail.

Where: Senapati Bapat Road
Cost for two: Averages at Rs. 800


High Spirits

If you want to enter Sangria nirvana, then High Spirits is where you should head to. Light drinkers beware, their version is mighty strong. Currently offered in a pitcher, the summer sangrias at High Spirits are truly unique in the form of a popsicles! However, you can relish a red or white wine cocktail with them even today amply garnished with a slice of pineapple or even muskmelon. The summer popsicles embraced citrus blasts with orange, peach and even a tart grape if you please.

Where: Mundhwa
Cost for two: Averages at Rs. 1,500


##Pune365 does not advocate the consumption of alcohol and tobacco which are both injurious to your health. 

Aditi Balsaver

Aditi Balsaver

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