V-day Wardrobe: The Date and The Outfit

Yes, we all agree it’s a holiday created by card companies which puts undue pressure on all of us to be our most romantic selves. And of course, why do we need one specific day to celebrate love? But the day’s here and chances are your SO and you have some sort of plans for the day. So, why let an excuse to clean up nice pass by? A fancy dinner, a crazy adventure, a night in, or even quality time with your BFFs, whatever your plan, we have your back. This V-day all you need to do is celebrate the MVP of you’re the life and we will take care of your wardrobe dilemma.

On the Cards: A Sit-down Dinner

If you’ve been dating a while, seen each other, warts and all, and dressing up for each other has become a thing of the past, then this is the time to bring out the big guns. If your style statement is cutesy, then go the glam diva way with a red lace-insert slip dress and luxe shrug-on coat (nothing screams V-day louder than red); if you live in your tee and hoodie, then put on a sharp suit. Ensure, of course, that the venue complements your outfit.

On the Cards: A First Date

So, the pressure of a first date wasn’t enough, you’ve decided to add St. Valentine’s to the mix. You daredevil, you! Guys, break out of your comfort zone and make a sartorial statement. Ditch your solids for a jewel-colored printed shirt (keep the print tiny, though. No Hawaiian flowers). Pair it with slim-fit chinos, and if the weather is still chilly, add a jacket/sports blazer to the mix. Brownie points if you drape the jacket around her when she feels cold.

Girls, think stylish but comfortable. Flirty ruffled skirt with a button-down shirt or a band tee, a lace dress teamed with sneakers, or even a pair of flared denims with cutesy, whimsical-print top; your options are endless.

On the Cards: Something Outdoorsy

The dinner and drinks routine is too overdone for you. You don’t want to do a movie either. Planning a hike or a lazy picnic? Maybe you want to explore the city together, finding knick-knacks for your house. If you have something more experiential on your mind, the key is to keep your outfit low maintenance and comfortable. Pay special attention to your footwear; you don’t want to be wearing heels or heavy-soled footwear when you are walking all around town.

Fancy-ish joggers are all the rage for both, men and women. Guys, try a khaki version; girls, look for something with a slight accent in the form of sequins or lace. Anything to ensure you don’t look like you’re wearing sweatpants. Remember to indulge in some handy accessories, a fun backpack, reflective sunnies, a great cap; they’ll all go a long way to make that final stylish picture.

On the Cards: Girls’ Night Out

It may be an oft-repeated cliché but V-day isn’t just about your sweetheart. It’s a perfect day to spend with anyone you love, and who better than your girls who always have your back. A sexy jumpsuit in Sriracha red, bell-sleeved, voluminous tops with sleek pencil skirts, bohemian throws over slinky slip dresses; a night out with the girls is always the best time to put your fashionable foot forward.

A great outfit can make your day brilliant but it’s the love in your life that will make the day absolutely spell-binding. Celebrate love in its different forms this V-day; take the card-company-created holiday as an excuse if you will. After all, does the reason really matter?

Tulika Nair

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