Ganesh Painting Exhibition at Malaka Spice

An exhibition of Ganesh Paintings at Malaka Spice by Artist Nagnath Chobhe. Nagnath was born in one of the farmer’s family, in a small village of Ahmednagar district. He spent his childhood in the beauty of nature & that gave birth to a Artist in him.
Malaka Spice2He studied art from Ahmednagar and later on at Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune. He has made his place into the hearts and homes of art lovers of India as well as foreign countries.
He loves to paint Lord Ganesha. Along with traditional figurative works he has Recently done some amazing abstracts.
When : September 1 to 15 , 11am to 11.30 pm
Where : Malaka Spice , Koregaon Park
Call :  +91 20 2615 6293

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