The 10 Maharashtrian Non-Veg Dishes to die for !

Kolambi Bhaat

kolambi-bhaatThis delightfully delectable dish hails from the coastal region of Maharashtra, Konkan. Also known as Prawns Pulao, the Kolambi Bhaat is a prawn pilaf with prawns cooked in rice and coconut milk. The pleasant aroma of spices and the simmering hot prawns will get your tummy rumbling in an instant.

Our pick : Masemari – The Fishing, Sadashiv Peth

Price      : INR 495 per portion


Varhadi Chicken

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The Varhadi Chicken is a hot & spicy preparation with its origin in the Vidarbha (eastern region) of Maharashtra. Traditionally, this  preparation is made in an earthen pot which enhances the flavour of the dish and renders the chicken more succulent. Team it with a ‘bhakri’ (flat bread) for the ultimate indulgence.



Our pick  : Vishwa Biryani House

Price       : INR 390 for full portion | INR 290 for half portion


Mutton Fry Thali

mutton-fry-thali-hotel-annapurnaInspired by the Kolhapuri cooking style, the Mutton Thali is complete with a Mutton Sukka,  Rassa, Kheema, Alani, Bhakari and Rice. The Mutton is soft, succulent and properly cooked; The spicy flavour of the Rassa is unapologetically sinful, much like the Kheema. Overall a blissful indulgence for Mutton lovers.

Our pick : Aware Maratha Khanaval, Kumthekar Road

Price       : INR 150 per portion





One of the most unique and arguably the tastiest mutton dish for mutton lovers, ‘Vajadi’ literally means the intestine of a goat! Undoubtedly, filled with flavours, cooked in a mild curry that accentuates the taste of the Vajadi.


Our pick :   Chul Mutton

iPrice       :  INR 110 per portion


Saoji Mutton

saoji-chicken-curry-food-ndtvThis tantalising meat dish is from Nagpur and is a unique blend of flavours that are sure get your taste buds dancing. The special Saoji Masala is made of spicy ingredients and garam masalas that give the dish its ‘Saoji’ flavour. ‘Saoji’ is the name of a clan known to consume spicy food. They also have a whole ‘Saoji’ cuisine to their name. This cuisine is immensely popular in central India, especially around Nagpur.

Our pick  :  Hotel Nagpur, Sadashiv Peth
Price       :   INR 200 per portion


Karwari Mutton


Karwari Mutton is a striking dish that combines flavours from the southern region of Maharashtra. It is a dish as delightful as the scenic nature of the place of its origin.

Where  :  Wah Marathi, Dine N Wine
Price    :   INR 360 per portion



Dongri Mutton

dongri-mutton-deccan-chronicleSoft succulent Mutton cooked to perfection with hand pounded coconut and onion. Appetising isn’t it ? Wait till you try the dish that will blow your mind. The soft meat falls off the bone easy and give it the headiness of the masala. It is sure to make it to your list of ‘must eat’ dishes. Enjoy it as an appetizer or, team it up with a bread.

Our pick : WTF, Viman Nagar | J1, Shivaji Nagar

Price       :  INR 280 | INR 300 


Kharda Chicken


‘Kharda’ is a typical Maharashtrian kind of chutney make by pounding spicy green chilies and peanuts together. If you have a palate for hot & zesty food, the Kharda Chicken is for you ! The tender morsels of chicken sautéed in pounded, fresh green chilies give it the zesty ‘Kharda’ feel.

Our pick : J1, Shivaji Nagar

Price       : INR 270 per portion


Chicken Shagoti

chicken-shagoti-desibuntuChicken Shagoti is a wonderfully spicy preparation, typical to the Malvan style of cooking. It is cooked in freshly ground spices, poppy seeds, desiccated coconut and large red chilies. Drooling already? If youre ready to take your tastebuds on a roller coaster ride, then Shagoti it is!

Our Pick : J1, Shivaji Nagar
Price       : INR 280


Malwani Prawn Curry



This is a stimulating dish that involves cooking prawns in coconut gravy along with the special Malvani Masala of the Konkan region. A complete delight for sea food lovers.



Our pick  : Nisarg, Erandwane

Price        : INR 590 per head

Go ahead and indulge in these mouth-watering delicacies today! 


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