10 Fashion Trends That Are Back In Vogue

Fashion Trends
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Fashion will never go out of style, will it?

Staying trendy takes effort, time and money yet, somethings will always remain in vogue and stand the ultimate test of time.

We at Pune365 decided to check out some of these hip trends that have come back with a bang in the recent times!

And yes, if you are gifting, this list will make your choice that much easier:

Crop Tops: Every year there comes a trend that earns space in your wardrobe. Crop tops have swung from flat to bulgy tummies. But before they took a boost in today’s era they were considered a favourite of women in the 30’s and 40’s.. And not only women, men wore crop tops too, during 1970’s and 80’s especially while playing Football. Obviously, trends like these never fade away.

Chokers:Women today can rarely do without a choker necklace. Chokers shouldn’t just be adored for its style, but also because they have won the battle of fashion of one of the earliest human civilisations. It was first introduced in 2500 B.C. and then redesigned in A.D and now yet again. Don’t be surprised if in ten years from now, your daughter asks you for a choker! Better still, giving her your old choker will give you an excuse to buy a brand new one from adinasjewels.com – not that you need an excuse!

Round-Glasses: No decade is complete without the coolest style of glasses of that era. Almost everyone believe these Gandhi frames look unique and cool. They are an amazing fashion accessory too, and this may sound strange but apparently, Mahatma Gandhi first bought it as an accessory around the year 1890.

Crocs : Crocs are a perfect of comfort and style. They were introduced in the early 20’s and have maintained their market strength until today. The millennials have found their match for every clothing with a croc too wear along. Call it a slipper or a shoe, the croc style looks great.

Hippie Flower Crowns: The Hippie Flower Crowns or Tiara’s are very popular today, but they aren’t really new and just borrowed from our ancestry!
Though flower crowns make every girl feel like a queen or goddess, they were apparently started in ancient Greece and were made to to honour the Gods.

Off-Shoulder Tops:The best part about fashion is that, all that was trendy yesterday, will be back in vogue soon enough!

Off-Shoulder tops and dresses were much in fashion in the late 1800. They returned with a bang and took over our streets with their trendy designs and patterns. If you want to buy a nice top, take a look at some off-shoulder tops, you’ll look so stylish!

Power Suits: Power suits have given women, a typically formal and powerful image at work. The first womn power Suit was introduced by Coco Chanel in the 1920’s.
Over decades, power suits got redesigned several times over and have remained the dominant choice of corporate women professionals.

Denim Jackets: Denim jackets can perfectly fit in with most clothing.They are the hip garnish to a dish. The first denim jacket came into being, as a work shirt or formal shirt in 1905.

Every few years, denim jackets return with a twist and have managed to stay in style for decades.

Flannel Shirts: Frankly speaking, Flannel and checked shirts was never out of one’s wardrobe, and everyone should know How to wear plaid shirts by now.

They just hibernate for a while and then spring back in style! Apparently these shirts were created in the 17th Century by the British.

Scrunchie Hairstyles: Scrunchie-Hairstyles are Hair-do’s done with bands.

Who can do without them today! Hairstyles add grace to one’s hair and when they are made using this trendy accessory, it just get’s lovelier!


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